700 77 Street Southwest Secondary students are to wear their PE uniform only during PE lessons and on school outings. Children enter primary school at age 5 and study for 6 years towards their certificate of primary education. To meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global society, the citizens and leaders of tomorrow must be strong in body, mind, and character. Star International Academy offers programs that focus on the whole child, with academic studies and extracurricular activities designed to instill discipline and character and inspire critical thinking. Boys are required to wear grey pants with a grey or white polo shirt with the LIH logo, white/grey socks, belt, solid black/dark blue shoes. Xavier Darcos, a former teacher and Minister of Education from 2007 to 2009, is an advocate of the reintroduction of uniforms: "This is not outrageous. hbspt.cta.load(6132168, 'e9bc0286-3ec4-43c8-bf26-4cbb8897735c', {}); We use cookies to monitor our traffic and personalise content and ads. We help find the right School, College, Camp, Library, Museum, Program, Business in your community. The education system in Mauritius is based on the British system as it is a former British colony. Your shopping cart is empty! Shop the complete uniform selection chosen by your school here. The uniform consists of a blouse with a sailor-style collar and pleated skirt. Merci de votre visite sur notre site internet. There are three basic uniforms worn at CFIS, though there are exceptions. It is compulsory to wear the FIS school uniform in Primary from MS to CM2, and from Reception to Year 6. We are always publishing news articles and promoting events for the FIS community. Our individualized, multilingual approach to education offers students meaningful academic and cultural experiences that prepare them to succeed in an increasingly global and multicultural world. The French-Japanese International School of Tokyo, welcoming students since January 2019 in its 3200 sqft space with rooftop, is a primary school & nursery licensed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (February 2019) and candidate for the French Ministry's accreditation (October 2019). He can layer up uniform shirts, pairing a long-sleeve pullover with a button-up Oxford or go with a short-sleeve polo when the weather gets warmer.Our selection of uniform pants and shorts are easy to move in with reinforced knees that stand up to daily wear. French AND international, a world-class education from age 2 to 12th grade. Calgary, AB T3H [email protected]. Your little scholar can look sharp and presentable while he earns top grades with a school uniform. The school uniform is an integral part of daily life for all students at Calgary French & International School. Opening of the Uniform website | French International School The school uniform is an integral part of daily life for all students at Calgary French & International School. Like the six color variations of our school logo, The École uniforms have been selected to be a bit brighter and allow a bit more variation than found at most institutions. The teaching of English and French is compulsory in all schools. All Rights Reserved.Disclaimer, The dedicated website for online orders of school uniforms will be launched on 1 July. //-->. French Toast Online Store. Canadian International School. Our school uniform is one of many important ways we nurture an environment conducive to learning and … The most common colors are navy blue, white, grey, light green and black. Boys' and Young Mens' School Uniforms. A school uniform is a uniform worn by students primarily for a school or otherwise educational institution. Cookie's offers a huge range of discount school uniforms for sale, including school uniforms for both boys and girls, and all ages and grade levels. Embroidered kid's uniform polo shirts and uniform pants. This removes the visible differences in social status or wealth. The first deliveries will take place from 28 August inclusive. We are pleased to accommodate modifications to the uniform due to religious requirements or gender expression. Eligible for free shipping and free returns. Tel: +852 2577 6217Email: [email protected], French International School Hong Kong [CDATA[// >